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Where do I begin? Tenney is intuitive, able to find tight areas needing care and approach the massage with a total body approach. It is always needed and much appreciated. Her easy going, positive demeanor make the treatment so good, not only for the body, but the soul. I always feel better after, but several days it's apparent how necessary this massage was to me. So grateful...for Tenney! P.S. I was an elite 2x Olympic athlete and have had many, many massage therapy sessions in my many years. So I recognize and appreciate the skill of someone who knows the body and how to improve the muscle structure.

-Cathy M.

My husband has had numerous back surgeries. Over the years he has worked with many, many massage therapists--and then he discovered Tenney. Her approach combines several techniques, which he finds unique to her. As a result, Tenney successfully drops his pain significantly and increases his mobility, so that he can continue working 13 hr days. Anytime he misses his weekly massage, the difference is significant both in pain escalation and overall ability to function normally. In addition, I find Tenney to be one of the loveliest people I know. She is dedicated to her work, year after year, never taking a patient for granted because he is a regular, never altering from her cheerful, radiant approach to life and healing.

-Tal B.

Tenney is exceptional in her technique and ability to diagnose root cause and alleviate painful symptoms. After years of receiving deep tissue massage from countless therapists for neck, SI and back injuries and fusions, I can say with confidence that Tenney is the best! She is the only masseur I permit to treat me.


Tenney is THE BEST massage therapist I have EVER been to!!!! And I've been to hundreds over the years due to my job in Dentistry and all the back and neck pain I've had over the years. If your looking for actual therapeutic massage go to her because you will get more than what you pay for!

-Crystal B. 

Tenney is wonderful! So wonderful I didn’t want to write a review because I was being selfish that she will get booked up, but really that’s my lack of scheduling proactively problem. She’s so great, I feel kinda lucky to have time with her as a healer. I work my body hard in maybe a not so smart way and Tenney helps me be smarter with tips via her amazing yogi massage healing ways. I’ve also had solid lifestyle book recommendations from her as well so bonus! She’s bomb!

-Jennie R.

I felt comfortable from the first moment I met Tenney and she gave me an incredible massage. I typically don’t like deep massage but she did an excellent job to not hurt me even though her pressure was strong. I felt that she listened well and responded to my requests well, even working on the problem areas that I had mentioned a little longer. I thought she might forget which side or which area of my shoulder, but she was very intune with me throughout the entire massage. The experience with Tenney was one of the best I’ve had for a massage. My body feels relaxed afterwards and last night I slept better than I've slept in two years. She is a true therapist and has a great aura. I have my next appointment already scheduled.


-Michelle C. 

Tenney is awesome. She's super skilled and knowledgeable and can work around (or through) any injuries. Highly recommend.

-Brett G.

Tenney is truly skilled, her therapy work did wonders for my neck! One of the best massages therapists out there, highly recommend!!

-Casey S.

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